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Internet Marketing, Social Media and Your SEO

seo-imageYour SEO is among the most important aspects of your overall online marketing campaign. Without the best SEO, you will lose out on a great deal of visibility and marketability that you would otherwise be able to exploit for added impressions.

Below are just a few of the reasons that you simply cannot afford to have anything less than the best search engine optimization on your side.

1.) First of all, Google accounts for 80% of all web traffic on the Internet.

If you are trying to get your site seen on the Internet, then there is no other game in town outside of the major three search engines. As mentioned in the headline, Google accounts for eight out of every 10 pieces of information that is seen on the Internet. Add to that the visibility statistics of the other two major search engines, Yahoo and Bing, and that number goes up to somewhere around 95%. Not only that, but these three major search engines affect the listings of the niche oriented search engines and directories as well. There is no getting around it: You need Google, Yahoo and Bing on your side in order to be seen on the Internet at all.

2.) Secondly, you vastly improve your chances at expanding your audience with the proper search engine optimization.

If you are truly taking advantage of the digital revolution, then you are definitely creating opportunities for your business outside of your local area. This is exactly what the Internet was created for! However, you need search engine optimization on your side in order to do this!

A good search engine optimization program will allow you to target people in different areas by demographic information. You will be able to personalize your online campaigns even as you expand into a mass market audience. There is no way to do this other than through search engine optimization.

3.) Proper search engine optimization will create a more streamlined and efficient website for your business brand.

You will need to organize the assets on your website in order to maximize your search engine optimization. Your meta tags will have to be connected to your overall brand as will the content of every blog that you post. As this happens, you will find that your marketing strategy will become far more honed as well. You will focus on a smaller niche within your industry, but you will be able to go much deeper into it. You will be viewed as an expert because of the detail that you will be required to include in order to move the customers that you will need in order to create a consistent audience. Search engine optimization will also require that you move redundant assets off of your site.

4.) You will be able to analyze the branding efforts that you have already taken with your current marketing plans.

The process of search engine optimization is also a process of brand streamlining. Because you will need to organize your site assets in order to make a good search engine marketing effort, you will also have to analyze where those assets are performing well and where they are not. You will have to answer the questions of whether your landing page should be your first impressions page. Maybe your PPC campaigns need a bit more streamlining. You may not have chosen the right keywords for your market niche. All of these things will be included in your assessment, because your search engine optimization will not be effective until everything that you do is on a similar line of thinking.