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Internet Marketing, Social Media and Your SEO

seo-imageYour SEO is among the most important aspects of your overall online marketing campaign. Without the best SEO, you will lose out on a great deal of visibility and marketability that you would otherwise be able to exploit for added impressions.

Below are just a few of the reasons that you simply cannot afford to have anything less than the best search engine optimization on your side.

1.) First of all, Google accounts for 80% of all web traffic on the Internet.

If you are trying to get your site seen on the Internet, then there is no other game in town outside of the major three search engines. As mentioned in the headline, Google accounts for eight out of every 10 pieces of information that is seen on the Internet. Add to that the visibility statistics of the other two major search engines, Yahoo and Bing, and that number goes up to somewhere around 95%. Not only that, but these three major search engines affect the listings of the niche oriented search engines and directories as well. There is no getting around it: You need Google, Yahoo and Bing on your side in order to be seen on the Internet at all.

2.) Secondly, you vastly improve your chances at expanding your audience with the proper search engine optimization.

If you are truly taking advantage of the digital revolution, then you are definitely creating opportunities for your business outside of your local area. This is exactly what the Internet was created for! However, you need search engine optimization on your side in order to do this!

A good search engine optimization program will allow you to target people in different areas by demographic information. You will be able to personalize your online campaigns even as you expand into a mass market audience. There is no way to do this other than through search engine optimization.