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Internet Marketing, Social Media and Your SEO

seo-imageYour SEO is among the most important aspects of your overall online marketing campaign. Without the best SEO, you will lose out on a great deal of visibility and marketability that you would otherwise be able to exploit for added impressions.

Below are just a few of the reasons that you simply cannot afford to have anything less than the best search engine optimization on your side.

1.) First of all, Google accounts for 80% of all web traffic on the Internet.

If you are trying to get your site seen on the Internet, then there is no other game in town outside of the major three search engines. As mentioned in the headline, Google accounts for eight out of every 10 pieces of information that is seen on the Internet. Add to that the visibility statistics of the other two major search engines, Yahoo and Bing, and that number goes up to somewhere around 95%. Not only that, but these three major search engines affect the listings of the niche oriented search engines and directories as well. There is no getting around it: You need Google, Yahoo and Bing on your side in order to be seen on the Internet at all.

2.) Secondly, you vastly improve your chances at expanding your audience with the proper search engine optimization.

If you are truly taking advantage of the digital revolution, then you are definitely creating opportunities for your business outside of your local area. This is exactly what the Internet was created for! However, you need search engine optimization on your side in order to do this!

A good search engine optimization program will allow you to target people in different areas by demographic information. You will be able to personalize your online campaigns even as you expand into a mass market audience. There is no way to do this other than through search engine optimization.

Creating A Successful Content Development Strategy

contentdevelopmentDigital content management and development continues to play a critical role in any online marketing or promotional effort. Strategies that make use of the most effective resources, services and opportunities can be a potent asset for businesses and organisations that are seeking to attract the potential customers and future clients needed to ensure their continued success.

Learning about the tools and resources needed to implement an effective¬†digital marketing strategy will allow you to improve your website traffic, rankings, sales, and ultimately – you’re bottom line.

Establishing and Maintaining a Blog

Online blogs provide many important marketing opportunities, as well as the means to more easily communicate with customers and build the relationships needed to ensure repeat business opportunities. Blogs that utilize quality content can be used to provide product and service information as well as utilizing keywords and search-specific terms that will increase improve site-visibility and search-engine standings. Far more than just an online newsletter, a professional-quality blog can form the backbone of the online promotional strategy that today’s businesses need in order to stay competitive and successful.

Providing Visitors with Quality Content

Blogs, social media posts, and other digital content that is flat, uninspired or poorly written may result in missed or lost opportunities. Customers who find themselves saturated with marketing content have little patience for poor quality writing or pieces that have been created with the sole purpose of increasing keyword density. Check out this great post from Moz about providing unique value with your content:

So You Want To Build Your Own Website?

webdesignSo, you’re ready to build a website, but you aren’t sure where exactly to begin. Branching into the online realm is exciting, and it can open the door for some pretty worthwhile opportunities. Unfortunately, there are a large number of wrong turns you can take in the process of publishing your own website. With these tips, you should be able to avoid the most common mistakes that many novice website builders make in the beginning.

Grab a Domain Early in the Process

Before doing any conceptualization or building, scope out and get a domain name. Domain names are hot commodities. The better the domain name, the higher the likelihood that it will already be taken. If you’ve got a great idea for a domain name, search for it as soon as possible. Great domain names don’t remain on sale for long.

Choose a Hosting Provider

Be sure to pick a hosting provider that caters to less experienced users. Likewise, you’ll need a package that fits your needs rather well. The hosting package that you choose will heavily depend on your needs, outlook for scalability, and purpose for going online. If you need help, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask a customer support representative for the company. This will also give you a glimpse into the type of customer support you can expect from the hosting provider.

3 Great Reasons To Choose Online Education

High school can be a tough time for a lot of reasons. Teens have a lot on their mind, and are dealing with greater social pressures today than ever. When these pressure combine with the traditional challenges of a public or private school environment, some kids simply do not thrive the way parents with they would in a traditional high school atmosphere. Fortunately for these children, online high school education is a trend that has been on the rise for some time. Education of this type offers a variety of benefits that simply make it the wisest choice for some teens and their families.

1. No travel or weather issues: For families living in highly rural areas or geographical locations that are prone to severe weather which can preclude school attendance, online education is a great way to guarantee that students are still able to learn without having excessively long commutes to a traditional high school or battling with constant inclement weather which causes frequent absences and can significantly impact their ability to learn and retain information. When a student learns online, all they require is a functioning computer and Internet connection- their distance from a school building and local weather conditions do not have to affect their education.

2. Perfect for varying learning styles: Every person retains information differently and has strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. A student who is fantastic at Math may struggle with English, while the English whiz just can’t seem to pass their Chemistry test. When a student attends high school online or takes their online GED test, each subject can be taken at their own pace as they work to form a concrete understanding of the material that will last and have an impact. Conversely, if they’re particularly quick at a subject, they will no longer be left bored while waiting for classmates to catch up.

3. Schedule trips and appointments with ease: Because of strict attendance laws, traditional high school limits a family’s ability to travel during the school year. Even setting up a dentist’s appointment or attending an important event that isn’t related to school is an annoying challenge requiring notes and promises to make up missed with. Online classes allow students and their families the flexibility to learn when they’re able and accomplish things when they need or want to. Family trips no longer have to be put off til Summer vacation rolls around, when it might not be as convenient for Mom and Dad. Students who have better luck working and studying in the evening can do so with ease, increasing their school performance.

There are many reasons why an online education can stand to benefit certain teens more than traditional schooling. There are many accredited online learning institutions that can ensure that a teen earns an actual high school diploma not a general equivalency or certificate of completion- while working at their own pace and in a way that accommodates their learning style. Online education allows modern families to evolve their attitudes about learning and open themselves up to new options and conveniences that benefit their children.